Monday, June 30, 2008

"Better Things are Yet to Come, Better Things are Still to Be Done in This City"

Wow!! God is really moving here in Bangkok! It is amazing to see; everyday I say this is the best day I have had so far, and then the next day I say the same thing! However, somedays do seem kind of slow and long. Those days though God is preparing us for what is ahead in that week, and He is still using us in ways we don't realize even on those slow days!

So, I want to update you on what has happened since my last blog. I get excited every time I talk about this situation! :) So, I am very very excited to share this with you all! One of the students my roommate and I shared with the other day, that asked us the question about how can Jesus blood cover our sins, has been seeking more and more everyday about God!! So, we shared with him on Wednesday. Then Thursday night he came to our "cell group" thing, where we share something about the gospel and sing worship songs. On last Thursday night one girl from our team shared her testimony, and then when she finished we broke up into smaller groups to share what the most important thing in our life is or what makes us the happiest. So, the student was actually in my small group, and there were two other Christians in my group. We all shared our testimonies and shared scriptures that have encouraged us in our walk with Christ, while they shared with us about things that made them happiest. So, now comes one of the exciting things... after we all shared in our group the student completely opened up to us. He shared some really personal things with us, and we talked with him for a while. He told us he wanted to know more about Jesus, and that he was actually staying with some of the Thai Christians to ask them some questions. We were all really excited about that because he is really seeking out Christ, and that makes me very happy! Oh but that is not all!! We didn't see him on Friday at school because he was hanging out with some of the Thai Christians, but we saw him at the birthday party we had at the church for a girl on our team. When we saw him he was sitting outside reading a tract or something from the Passion of Christ movie, and he also had the movie itself. I was like oh my gosh!! He came to church with us on Sunday, and he said that he was going to come to everything everyday!! Please pray for this student specifically because I really feel like he is sooo close to coming to know Christ!! Pray that God makes the gospel simple to him that he may understand it! I am really excited to see what God is going to do in his life maybe even before we leave!! :)

So, that was the exciting news of last week and now! However, I have more good news (I know it's amazing how God is working here)!! So, today some of our team and myself was in the song and game room here at school playing games with students while listening to some worship music, and a student we just met today asked us who was singing the song. Laura told him that it was Chris Tomlin, and then he said he had never heard of him before. So, Laura told him that he was singing about God and Jesus, and she asked him if he knew who Jesus was. He told her he didn't, so, Laura asked him if wanted to know. The student said he did want to know more about Jesus, so, we got the opportunity to share who Jesus was in general. However, the student had to go to class, so, we didn't get to share the gospel with him completely. Please pray that he will come back to find out more about Jesus, and that he will not be able to think about anything else until he does! Also, pray that whoever he asks about Jesus that God will give them the words to say, and that they are obedient to God.

God amazes me in how He uses such small things (like a song) to open up doors to share the gospel with students! He truly is an amazing and wonderful God!! I praise and thank Him that He allows me to be a part of sharing the gospel with someone, even though He does not need me to accomplish anything for His kingdom!! Please pray that God continues to give me the strength and endurance to finish out this month strong! Pray that I will not lose focus on Him! Also, pray for our english camp this weekend at Pattaya. About two hundred students are coming, and it is going to be amazing! We are doing the "Everything" skit, and then doing small groups afterwards to discuss it and share the gospel with the students!! Please pray for this weekend and for us as we prepare for it, both spiritually and physically!! Thanks and I love you guys!! God is faithful, wonderful, and worthy to be praised!! :)

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